Awesome digital experience, aesthetics and the customer’s satisfaction are my best priority. Glad to cooperate with you.

I provide designs, development solutions to build up websites. I also arrange corporation identify programs and branding marketing. From 12 years of experience, I can guarantee to bring you satisfaction. 


Clients in the past 12 years


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Give me an idea, I will turn it into website.

I build Websites from scratch to finish which have all the best features for the client.

Code mastering = true

Our coders work effortlessly to meet your requirement on time.

All online payment methods can be integrated into the website including: VNPay, VTCPay, 1Pay….

Websites are fully responsive to all platforms and devices with smooth animation and transition.

Ready integrated POS to monitor sales and website traffic.

SEO ready = true

Websites are built with SEO ready, can be found easily by search engines.

Easily sync data between old and new websites, minimize 404 errors.

Website properties to be changed easily based on customer’s needs to boost interactions and learn potential client’s behavior.

Bug on site = false

Websites are HTTPS or XSS certified. Encrypting data to meet international standards.

Minimize hackers’ attacks, DDOS attacks, virus threating your data and transaction.

Maximize marketing tools = true

Support automatic interaction with customers through SMS or Email marketing tools.

Websites can all support Google Analytics, Google Feed, Google Shopping, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Feed.

Chat with your customers via Facebook Messenger and on-web chat on the website.

Understanding client is key. I can provide throughout advice to choose the best marketing scenarios based on the needs and products.

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Let me help you build your brand develop the business through beautiful websites and marketing solutions!

  • Liona Vertolsky
    We highly recommend Chonden’s team and their professional. They have suggested suitable solution that fits our business strategy. As a long-time partner, we highly recommend Chonden to others including our customer.
    Liona Vertolsky
  • Mike Lowrance
    In the past 3 years, Chonden and us have been working closely with each other. Not only they provide us suitable solutions, but also their working attitude is superb. We have been recommending them to our partner ever since.
    Mike Lowrance
  • Carlos Santaa
    As an export company, we required a very professional website and Chonden delivered perfectly. We are very pleased with the quality and their knowledge in the field.
    Carlos Santaa

4.7 / 5

Perfectly coded and well designed, credit to the whole team


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Me and the team work intensely to serve our client, day and night. That being said, here’s our official working hours.

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800 – 2000


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